Workshop RO parts quoting

Hi Guys,

I am interested to see what processes other dealerships use for parts quoting to the service department. 

We currently have a (terrible imho) system where the Technician will write what they need on a slip, which then gets taken to the service advisor, which then gets returned to the parts department.

Is there a way to do it via ERAnet? 

My vision of the perfect world would be: 
1) The technician to be able to add suggested additional work to the RO
2) Parts dept would then receive a notification to quote part, 
3) parts quote added to RO
3) Advisor receives notification and approves/denies additional work
4) Part picking slip produced, technician advised via ERA to do additional work.

Does this functionality exist in ERAnet, or in it's absence what process do you use at your dealership?


  • The technician communicates to the advisor what is needed via Workshop Control messaging. The advisor locates the Superservice repair opcode in order to obtain pricing, then asks the customer whether they want it done. If the customer refuses, it is added to recommendations. If the customer accepts, the Superservice repair opcode is added to the RO. In both cases, the technician is advised whether to proceed via Workshop Control messaging.

    The parts department only gets involved once the technician comes down for the part, or if we don't have Superservice repair opcodes for that make of vehicle and need the advisors to request a quote price from the parts department as opposed to getting the price from the opcode
  • Superservice ? Is that a microcat thing?
  • Infomedia via Pentana. Having their repair opcodes means you're not having to ask the parts department to quote on the part, then have someone determine how long it should take and enter that in before you can quote the customer. It also means your service efficiency numbers are more accurate as you're comparing the time taken against the manufacturer's recommended time taken, not how long your service department had decided it should take
  • Any suggestions for those in the Mazda camp? apparently Mazda can't/won't/don't share their info with infomedia.

  • We don't have Mazda here, but it surprises me that such a large franchise doesn't have a data feed of some sort for their service opcodes. Josh Xerri at Pentana or your Mazda service rep may know more
  • anybody have any other ideas?

    I'm toying with printing parts quote labels. with part number (and barcode), Price, QAVL etc... to be stuck to an upsell page instead of handwriting.

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