Supplier Shipment Days Setup

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2359 - Supplier Shipment Days Setup - Has anyone found a method for setting supplier shipment days to incorporate the weekend in calculating the due date?

Freight Type = Stock Order 
Days = 2

so as it stands if I put a stockorder in on a Thursday the computer will calculate the due date as the Saturday not the forthcoming Monday.

One option I have is to have a different freight type set up for stockorders where the weekend is concerned but then I would need to add a freight type for Thursday, and a Freight type for Friday submissions which seems a bit overkill.

We use this function to run a report to show parts that are overdue (ie backordered, or missed).


  • Hi Jabraham, we don't make use of that screen but I would suggest that seperate freight types for each lead time is the only way you will get this right. I would set them up by the number of days they will take to arrive instead of naming them after the day of the order, as you will encounter other scenarios e.g. Friday/Monday public holidays, midweek public holidays, two public holidays in a row. So you can select the 2 day one for a stock order on a Monday-Wednesday, and the 4 day one for a stock order on a Thursday-Friday.
  • It's not really an important executable, but I use it so when someone creates and order it will input a due date (automatically). Then I can run a report that shows the due dates of all special orders, and can easily identify parts that are overdue, and investigate what needs to be done with them.

    All we really need is ERA to identify the weekend in it's calculations.

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