Windows 8 I.E. 10

Have purchased from Pentana a Windows 8 pc to start preparing for environmental issues. the First one is:

Windows 8 comes with IE 10 and earlier versions of IE cannot be loaded.

So when running Eranet it displays a MSHTA error wants to update but the package is for IE 6 and a script error.

Now I understand that the best solution is to run IE 8 however this means that we need to wait for Pentana to "move forward" before we can.




  • Microsoft are really pushing the upgrade this time, all our usual suppliers aren't selling Windows 7 laptops anymore so we stocked up on Windows 7 ones before they can't be purchased at all. Usually Pentana has a bit more time to complete their certification
  • So Michael is there a solution?

    Pentana hasn't been able to get it to work with i.e. 9 yet properly. We are told to roll back to IE 8. Have you thought about being able to use Eranet in another browser? Mozilla or Chrome some of these have better engines you may even get better performance on the local machine

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    The solution is Pentana need to get their skates on!

    I've been running Visage 7.30.5 since July 2011 though, which has the IE9 compatibility changes in it, so no idea why you are being told to rollback. I have attached their list of benefits they sent through with this version, the first of which is IE9 compatibility, for your reference.

    I doubt Chrome or Firefox would ever be an option, as it uses mshta.exe, but I could be wrong.
    Visage 7 30 5 Benefits.doc
  • Hi Michael/roblenz,

    The issue is that Microsoft changed the version number of the mshta protocol in Windows 8 which is why the initial error comes up saying that the version of mshta mismatches, which is why you don't see that message in Windows 7. 
    What you need to do is raise an incident and request for Visage 7.30.6 which gives this compatibility and takes away all the errors. 

  • Thanks Yusuf, we've had 7.30.6 since 14/5 and it has been running well, I can confirm it is compatible with IE10 and prevents that error from appearing
  • in ie 10 or above press F12 it will load developer mode. Then press ctrl + 8 to go to Emulation. and in the user agent string set it to IE 7 or 8 for stable uses with some older sites/apps
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