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Hi, i've noticed in various screens (i.e. Report Writer) the term "RO Backorder".

How does this function work? and who uses it?

Regards - Jim Abraham


  • Hi Jim, we are looking at using it but we don't at the moment. Currently we generate a backorder request in ERAnet Service, then assign the RO to a backorder department created in 3622. This allows us to see in the ExecERA Open RO's Report which RO's are on backorder for followup. There are other dealers that use 2250 to report on parts orders more than a certain number of days old to be chased up.

    2124 Backorder Management involves actually closing the RO's that are waiting on parts. This gives you a clearer idea of which ones are the responsibility of the service department to get closed, particularly when advisors look at the open RO's under their advisor number. It also allows you to SMS the customer when the parts arrive and easily assign them to the new RO in 2525. Have a read of the documentation below for more info

  • Hi Jim and Michael,

    I also am looking at implementing ROBO at a dealership. But they also want to get the customer to pay for the part upfront, and this Repair Order parts backorder management system specifically excludes pre-paid Transaction codes. If the part is prepaid how can they be managed effectively? i.e. If prepaid you are selling into -ve. When receipted you will just be goingo back to zero, No picking slip or report to say a backordered part has arrived. Any thoughts?

  • we have had this implemented at our dealership. Now that we're learning to use it, it's seems to be a big step in the right direction for handling back-ordered parts. The SMS function is great as the customer get's almost instant notification when a part arrives. (where our old system relied on the service dept. to call and arrange a booking, which often was a long time after the part had arrived and been processed).

    In regards to pre-paid orders. We have set up a pre-paid order code. It hasn't been used on a RO yet, but on a retail parts invoice it will print an Pre-paid order allocation report which can then be used to reference the original invoice.

  • Hi Ross, I have implemented ROBO at several dealerships and implemented the following process at the last site for pre-paid:

    1. Create Parts Pre-paid deposit misc code and Parts Pre-Paid Deposit Credit misc code
    2. Back order the parts via the RO (using applicabled TX) 
    3. Add the Parts Pre-paid deposit misc code to the RO for the amount required and Invoice the RO
    4. When the parts arrive customer will be notified.
    5. When customer comes in create new RO and assign parts via ROBO (parts will be charged out)
    6. Add the Parts Pre-Paid Deposit Credit misc code to offset the amount already pre-paid (which should offset the parts amount).
    7. Finalise the RO and charge for labour etc to finalise the repair.
    It does the job.
  • Thanks Adabro, That is the same way I have done it. and because the RO history is available in RO Closeout, the service advisor can easly find out the exact, correct amount that has been prepaid.

    Now all we have to do is get the Service and parts depts to do it correctly.

  • edited October 2012
    "Now all we have to do is get the Service and parts depts to do it correctly."
    That's the trick now isn't it?

    Can someone explain the BO Authorisation function in the back screen of 2525?

  • Hi Jim, this feature was introduced in v7 and essentially allows a flag to restrict service from closing ROs with back order parts on them. The BA function enables that RO to be released for invoicing - it can also be passworded. There is also a new executable (2127) created for this process.

    There are a number of considerations before implementing this but If you are running ROBO, this isn't required as you can reallocate the parts onto current invoices whereas previously the order was linked to the (closed) RO.

    Check out the doco in V7 Parts for full info.

    p.s. I havent encountered any issues with implementation as staff in both departments quickly realise the benefits from the improved process and get on board. It does need a separate service screen/view however as the only way to provide them full visibility is to give access to 2124 which means then can delete etc.
  • another ROBO Question.

    I have a part number that since the original RO it was ordered on has been closed, there has been a supersession.

    However I am still to place the order for said part.

    The problem I have now, is that the part number used on the RO shows in order management as the original part number, and running a super session for it in 2103 does not update the part in order management or ROBO to the new part number?

    The original RO is closed and cannot be modified. How do I get the system to supersede the order the correct part number before I transfer to the warehouse? 

    from the manual for ROBO it appears as if running a RB or RBH super-session will only solve this problem if the part already has a QROBO value.
  • Going back a while now. 4 Years on......

    We have instances where recieved parts are printed on an allocation report, yet aren't actually being allocated to the ROBO entry, so essentially they become available stock upon reciept.
    Where other times parts will reciept and be allocated to ROBO without problem.

    It's not the end of the world, as the allocation report points us to where the part needs to be allocated, but it would be nice to take that extra step out of the equation completely.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

  • Your December 2012 post sounds like a bug in the supersession process, I would report that to be fixed. The data will need to be edited by their helpdesk for supersessions already performed

    Your July 2016 post sounds like a bug as in the receipting process, if the parts weren't backordered correctly or had already been receipted from other orders you wouldn't get the allocation report telling you about the backorder

    I would report both issues to helpdesk if you are still encountering them

  • Thanks @michaeld

    I haven't seen the ROBO system updated since we implemented it.

    I'm about to submit a RFD for some improvements. Does anyone else have any suggestions for the system that they would like improved?

    Might as well get them done in one hit :)
  • The main issue we had with ROBO was the automatic backordering of parts that we don't carry that were left attached to RO's. If a part is attached to an opcode due to the manufacturer prescribing it, but the opcode is wrong, you don't require that part or you use an alternative part in its place, you have to take the part off the RO to prevent it from being backordered

    Best practice would be to remove the part from the RO, adjust the opcode/report to Pentana or record a substitution in 3762 option A line 3, but we were never that discplined with it so 2124 was full of rubbish

    It might be worthwhile introducing a prompt at invoicing that asks whether any 0-quantity parts that are still attached should be backordered, or just removed
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