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We usually use F1 & F2 etc as the top and end responses in ERA, But the newer versions do not have the Function Keys option in the settings menu. What file can I edit to add the key settings in. I had done it before but I have forgotten now and don't wanna mess with to many file settings just to add to commands.

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  • Executable 6185 can be used to set them, but you should be able to get the Settings menu option restored by asking System Support in Helpdesk, they will probably send you a configuration file to save somewhere in the C:/Program Files/ERALink folder. Not sure about newer versions though (I'm assuming you mean ERALink Plus?), as we only have ERALink 4.1. Not sure where they are stored either, but again it would be in that folder somewhere. Hope that helps, if you don't get any further responses on here I'd suggest contacting System Support, I'd be surprised if they couldn't sort this out for you :)

  • Thank you for your reply, I am using 4.1 but someone else has an updated version where that option is not in the settings at top of screen (silly) and 6185 is not avail on our system must be an admin set up. Ill keep looking I know there is a config file somewhere that sets the settings when you load the session files :) 
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    6185 is on every system, so it must be your security settings. The file you are looking for may not exist on the PC of the person with the issue, so check your own as well & send it across if you find it. Last time someone here had an ERALink issue (colors menu option missing), System Support sent me ERAparm.cfg which looked like this:



  • thanks a million :)
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    Thanks so much 

  • It does not seem to work for Era Link Ver 8 :( Back to the drawing board
  • It would be more to do with the ERALink version than the ERA software release I think, but I can't find ERAparm.cfg on my computer now that we are using ERALink Plus The function keys menu option isn't displayed and the only mention of function keys in the user guide is the toolbar option that displays buttons for your F keys on the screen so you can click on them to execute the setups that you have in 6185.

    I would suggest contacting your system administrator and requesting access to 6185, or alternatively for them to setup the function keys you want in 6185 for you

  • Thanks mate i shall do that
  • I dont like using 6185, because if a user who is setup in 6185 logs on to a computer usually used by someone else who has function keys setup in ERALink - they are over ridden. So it means ALL users have to be setup in 6185. Although I notice there is now an option to copy function keys in 6210 when creating new users.
    In ERALINK 6.2..the file is ERAPARAM.INI.
    The file should initially be setup in C:\Program Files (x86)\ERALink Plus\Settings (for a 64bit computer) or C:\Program Files\ERALink Plus\Settings (for 32bit). Then when a new user is created on the computer the folder, along with lot of other stuff is copied into the user profile. in Windows 7 it is like "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ERALink Plus\settings", My INI file is the following. But rename the file from .txt to .ini
  • BINGO got it now. Previous versions did not relate to username / documents so i could edit the .INI file in there to allow function keys and bang it comes up now wohoo. I had put the ERAPARM files in the x86 folders to no avail. I was not aware it would call on documents :). Thank you Ross.
  • PS I am an independent consultant, if you need any more significant assistance. oops did I just say that on a Pentana moderated forum? Search for "IT on BASS" and you will find me.
  • Hi Ross, Adam Brophy has done that before without an issue so hopefully you're OK. I prefer 6185 as the details are centrally stored, so you can see what is there, copy from one user to another and make changes without needing to take control of the PC. It also means the user can move between computers and still have their own function keys available without you having to do anything.

    I would like to get the ERALink menu option going though as there are a couple of users who want to go beyond the 12 function keys you can define in 6185 and use Ctrl + function, Shift + function etc. I was going to use AccuTerm as I didn't realise you could do it in ERALink Plus. I have found and edited my ERAparm.ini file to set AccessFunctionKeys=Yes instead of No, but I'm still not seeing where I can set them. Am I missing something?
  • What windows are you using ? Win 7 and 8 you need to edit the file in the Users | Documents | Era folder
  • There we go! Thanks :)
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