IMPORTANT NOTICE RE Internet Explorer Version9 and ERAnet.

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The latest version of Internet Explorer (Version 9) is not currently compatible with ERAnet . It could some business impacts, including significant slowing down of the ERAnet performance.
We recommend that you do not install IE9 or if it is an automatic update in your system that you use the attached toolkit to stop the automatic installation:

Pentana Solutions will advise all customers when we have completed adjustments to ERAnet to allow you to install Internet Explorer Version 9.

The Pentana Solutions Helpdesk.


  • Thanks for the heads up. Any idea when the certification will be completed, and what changes may be required to make ERAnet compatible? (ERA patch, Stamina upgrade, PC changes etc.)
  • I've been running ERAnet with IE9 installed since the early beta days and haven't experienced any troubles with it - at least nothing that I wasn't experiencing already with IE7/8.

    If anything I would say ERAnet performance has slightly increased with IE9.

    I find that significant use of ERAnet with any version of IE can and more often then not impacts the performance of ERAnet - in some cases more so then others. That is always going to be an issue though while ERAnet is continued to be built upon a web based platform. No version of IE is going to change the sluggish and sloppy behaviour of it.
  • @ Ray I'm with you.  No additional problems with IE9 that I didn't already have with IE7 and then 8...
  • This is disappointing news, I was hoping that IE9's much improved speed would also improve our ERANet experience.
  • Guys, later versions of internet explorer will not speed up ERAnet, may make it more stable as the engine behind IE improves, however speed of ERAnet ultimatly relys on your spec and power of your ERA server from my experience.

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    There is now a new Visage version out that is compatible with IE9, version 7.30.5. List of benefits below. I've arranged to have this loaded, so I'll report back how it goes

    - Compatibility with IE9

    - Also includes an update to the graph control ActiveX component which would otherwise not install cleanly on Windows 7 PC's

    - Avoid intermittent "locks dropped" error when transferring lock control from foreground to background processes

    - Allow changes to be saved in Management Console without having to reapply the IISUpdate patch

    - Avoid intermittent "session has been terminated" error for inactive sessions

    - Avoid the possible continuous spawning of new wl.webClean processes if webClean becomes hung

    - Profile Id changed from text box to a combo box in the Profile Maintenance page

    - Bug fix to honour programmer customised wordings to navigation bar titles (e.g. "Allowance" on VA worksheet discount page)

    - Add databridge count to Management Console Connections page

    - Avoid having to perform a cache clear to retain processes on the Favourites Menu for subsequent sessions
  • Our Visage 7.30.5 load is going to be done tonight. Has anyone else got this yet? What can we expect from it?
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    Load completed last night, no issues reported today. Happy days! :)

    Edit: Noticed the time on here is an hour early, could someone from Pentana address that please? Thanks
  • We also loaded 7.30.5 last night, touch wood things are looking good so far. I'm hoping it truly does result in a lot less "script errors" that have had a tendancy to popup intermittently on some users PC's

  • Just wondering, which scripting language does ERANet use?

    I just assumed it would be Javascript and therefor it'd benefit from IE9's faster Javascript engine.

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    ERAnet uses JavaScript & would benefit from IE9’s faster JavaScript engine but it is just the function logic that is performed on the client. However, ERAnet is dependent on the Stamina Visage middleware service which is what ends up determining the compatibility of ERAnet with the relevant Internet Explorer version as it is what provides the end runtime environment that includes the serving of the HTML WebPages, data retrieval from the ERA host, running of all subroutines etc. Therefore we are currently in the process of loading the latest version of Visage being 7.30.5 which gives complete compatibility through to Internet Explorer 9. If you would like to load this, please email [email protected]

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