Transaction Codes on Parts Reciepted

Been dying to get this sorted.
Case: Parts arrive from Toyota from differant Transaction codes ie. Stock, Emergency, Sydney (BN\JA\SY) ~. The issue is the picking tickets coming out after reciepting such orders don't show what TC they were ordered on. The Column on the ticket is there for TC but there all blank.

What are we missing here ? In the morning's we reciept the invoice from toyota and get upwards of 50 picking tickets at once and we have to allocate the invoices into groups manualy but this takes time and often causes delays in pricking the parts as some emergency orders are selected prior to stock order parts for guests

If you see in the attachment the TC is empty for that part line when in fact it should say BR as the part was ordered on transaction code BR


  • File not attaching for somereason. I have hosted it on my website here
    ( )
  • I've had a look at your picking slip
    your picking slip doesn't show a code in TC because the part is receipted. There is no order code for that part on that invoice anymore.

    So to clear up, you receive your invoices from Toyota, but the parts arrive from different PDCs on different trucks? So your trying to organise your allocation picking slips to correspond with those deliveries?

  • it's ok they batch all together. There are to many different cases to worry about that.. I was really just hoping for a transaction code or something similar to be printed on all picking tickets against each part/line so we know where the part has come from on each order. Receipting by cases won't help unfortuanatly as they cases are mixed from different Order Numbers/venders
  • what about a default comment on the part line in 2355 ?
  • Default TC can not be edited (Field Used for internal Clera) I really appreciate your help :) Is there a certain section i need to edit ?
  • (In 2355) When you go into modify your Order Management Code, in option 8 "Comments",
    I'm pretty sure if you put a comment like "Ex Syd" etc. it would print under the part number, like a line comment would.

    I don't use it here, but i'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  • All good now. Adding comment has prevailed as you mentioned :)
  • Awesome glad to hear it worked.
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