Parts Dead Stock / Redundant stock Flags / Messages

Is there a way known to any of you superstars out there that my below idea is possible.

I want the system to inform us when we have hit a dead/redundant stock either by message or popup. For example A part has been in stock but not sold for the below examples so we need a way know that we should try and sell at cost or near cost to get rid of the part.
8-9 months 1 start *
9-10 months 2 Stars **
10-11 Months 3 Stars ***
11-12 Months 4 Stars ****
12+ 5 Stars *****

I am aware of adding comments manually but we are talking Hundreds and Hundreds of parts it was to time consuming not to mention the cramps in my arm and hand :)

Era V 6.2.1


  • There is a reasonably extensive Obsolete stock discounting process in ERA. If you go to 2322, enter the make and then select Obsolete you will see you can default discounts based on age.
  • Thankyou Tony i will look into that
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