Report for Parts Due by Date

I have parts expected in on freight Daily from alternative dealers, Is there a way i can print a report that shows what's due? My parts have Due Dates set upon ordering so that part is handled. Is there something i can setup in 6913 or something i'm missing in 21??


  • 2111 option 1 shows you all the parts on order for the customer you select. You have to go into each row to see the due dates though, and you can only see the parts for one customer at a time

    A 6913 report on the SPEC.ORDR file could select all orders due TODAY or TODAY+1
  • Thanks Michael I will work on that. WAS looking for the SPEC.ORDR :)
  • edited June 2016
    I've got a couple of good report written for this. I'll post them here shortly
  • Thanks Champ :)
  • This is my "Outstanding Orders Report". This shows all unreciepted special orders.
    The PO Date GE 19/05/14 may seem odd, but if this value is not there the report generates some really old and non existant results. (some things stuck in the system from many moons ago which for whatever reason haven't been purged).

    I use this for a list of all outstanding orders. Emailed daily to myself and one of my guys. I used to use it to spot overdue parts but I have since written another report to help that (see next post).
    812 x 531 - 213K
    812 x 531 - 209K
    812 x 531 - 211K
    812 x 531 - 220K
  • Brilliant, I can work with this. The Vendor numbers are not showing for some reason but ill work on that. Thank you so much
  • This is my Overdue Parts by Counterman report.
    I email one of these daily to each of my sales team, to help them spot late orders and take responsibility for them. Basically to try and catch orders where for whatever reason they have not been supplied, before the customer contacts us to ask where the part is.

    I have it set up to email ther counterman daily at 11am (once all daily and stockorders should have arrived an been reciepted). Ideally i'd like to run it earlier in the day, but for us it it would ouput too many orders which have acutally arrived, just awaiting reciepting.

    812 x 531 - 212K
    812 x 531 - 213K
    812 x 531 - 222K
    812 x 531 - 179K
  • i can't thank you enough. as for the emailing auto that's a whole new brilliant story i would have to chat to you about
  • let us know how you go with them :)
  • yeah they worked prefect thank you.
  • For auto emailing, you need to apply a prefix to the name of the report, starting with two numbers from 01-18, and one letter from A-Z, then a hyphen e.g. the 01G- at the start of Jabraham's Overdue Parts by Counterman report

    This corresponds to the programs on the 2900 menu - 01 means the report will have been added to 2901. If you go into 2901, you will see report G in there and be able to run your report from there without going into 6913

    Now, if you use Q2901 instead of 2901 to go into it, you can queue the report to be emailed overnight. Select the report as per normal and before it runs it will ask you what time it should run, then what printer to print to, then if emailing which email addresses to send to

    It will now be queued to run at the time specified, but by default it will only run once. If you go into 6950 and select the report, you can then change how often it runs from Once to say Weekdays Only

    You may need your System Admin to give you access to some of those screens but once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you ever got by running reports manually all the time
  • "but once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you ever got by running reports manually all the time"

    Damn straight. :)
  • Thanks Michael. That's a mouth full lol I have access to all those commands so ill try to work one out. Cheers you guys
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