current date / time wildcard in report writer

Hi Guys,
I run a report daily to show parts orders and their due dates to try and spot any outstanding orders.
I'm trying to fine tune it to show parts orders past their due date sorted by the counter person, so it can be emailed directly to them for follow up.

Currently I have:
File Name: SPEC.ORDR
Sel. Criteria:

Ctrmn EQ (Cntrmn Code) AND
PO Date GT 19/05/15 AND (abritary date to rule out really old delinquent orders)
Due Date LE (Todays Date)

I'd love to be able to put a code in the Due Date field for the current date. That way I could run the report daily and email to the salesperson for followup on delays / short supply etc.

Is there a wildcard I could use to complete this task?



  • You should be able to use Due Date LE TODAY
  • Fantastic. Thank you very much!
  • Hi Jim, a few other date codes that might come in handy:

    TODAY+1 = Tomorrow
    TODAY-1 = Yesterday
    BOM = Beginning of the month
    EOM = End of the month
    BOM-1M = Beginning of last month
    EOM-1M = End of last month

    You can replace 1 with any other number
  • Also:

    BOY = beginning of year
    EOY = End of year
    BOPM = beginning of previous month
    EOPM = end of previous month
    BOPY = beginning of previous year
    EOPY = end of previous year
  • Thanks for your help guys. Hit the nail on the head.
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