Tracking test drives in VA

Is anyone using VA and tracking the volume of test drives?

If you are, how are you doing it?

We don't have advanced floor traffic reporting, but if you do and it is assisting tracking test drives, please let me know.


  • edited December 2015
    Hi Tony, we're on DealerSocket but I'm thinking you would need to do something with the diary entries. The questions that come up after you select Finish > Buyers Order Form are too late as some Test Drives don't progress to deals, and creating a UDF against the customer doesn't relate it to that particular inquiry. Maybe get the salespeople to write "Test Drive" in the notes and report from there

    Advanced Floor Traffic definitely takes care of it, we were using that previously and it is better than DealerSocket at allowing you to create lots of steps in the process, and control whether they can be selected more than once for the one inquiry
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