Parts Credit Issue

The problem.
2525 / CR / CMinv# - Then perform the normal credit procedure to credit a single line. Then go to next page e.t.c and either accidentally press F2 or /end and then you can not credit that part. It is showing a C in that actual line but it has not been fully credited. 2024 shows no information on that part number e.t.c, you can not re start the procedure. 

Is there a way to complete this process to credit that part after this issue has come about other than calling and getting the invoice released from Pentana ?


  • I don't think so... 
    have you tried this
    2525 / CM(inv#)*99 to see if it will bring up the "a credit-memo already exists" prompt?
  • or does it show as an open invoice in 2527?
  • Yeah still no go it is so anoying :( It has the C there to show it's been credit but it in fact has not been. Thanks for your help though :) 
  • Then it's a helpdesk job. I think. 

    I remember my first parts manager telling me that "if you start a credit note, don't eff it up (because you can't fix it)".

  • lol yeah it happens, about 1/1000 so that's good odds :) Had to call Pentana to get it release they informed us there is no way to go around that. 
  • surprisingly, not fixed in the 10 years i've been in the industry.

  • I have raised this as an incident with Pentana to see if they can fix it
  • It happens oh so very rarely. Just a pain to resolve it when it does :P and heya micheal
  • Hi D3fcon :)

    I spoke to helpdesk yesterday and they were reluctant to make any changes but were going to run it by the Parts Product Manager
  • Helpdesk just called me and said if you close the window or use the toggle connection button to kill the session entirely it won't get stuck, it's only when you END or TOP that it screws up. So if you're in the middle of a credit and need to use your ERA session for something else, it's better to do that than END out of it
  • Super i will try that
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