Smartphone App

Just wondering whether any dealers have looked at creating a smartphone app for their dealership. Jeep has one as shown below, it includes locating carparks & petrol stations, surf and snow reports, making service bookings and receiving service reminders

For our dealership, we have considered:

- Recognising customers that come to the dealership – welcoming them on their phone, plus live reporting on who is here, where they are and how long they have been here 

- Loyalty points program – tracking their visits/purchases and offering rewards 

- Sending them our latest offers when they are here 

- Surveying them on their experience as they leave 

- Prompting them with service reminders and loyalty points offers over time 

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and the experiences of other dealers who may have already gone down this path. Was it worth the effort? What return have you seen on it?
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