Brother Printer setup successes

Hello, just wondering if any other Pentana users had a Brother printer set up through Era. Our auditor has a Brother multifunction center that we wish to get set up on Era and of course Pentana can not guarantee that it will be able to be setup successfully but will charge $150 plus GST per half hour trying. I am not keen to start forking out $ if there is no hope of getting it working in the first place.

I do realise that most reports can be emailed and then printed through a PDF reader application with the exception of Payroll which is basically the only reason why we need to get the printer set up. If there is a way to get reports emailed out of Payroll other than setting the payroll store to hold the file (cause that doesn't work very well at all) then that may be the solution I am looking for and I don't need to worry about getting the printer set up? Any input is greatly appreciated. 




  • Hi Sara, I have enquired about printing to Brother printers from ERA before and been advised it is not possible. If you get it going, please come back and let us know. We find the Brother's not just cheaper but more reliable than the Kyocera's.

    Other than setting payroll printouts to go to a hold file in 1498 as you mentioned, I'm not aware of a way to send these electronically
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