Ranked Parts Sales Report for Customer

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to write a report that will show me for a particular customer parts sales over the past 12 months per part number, ranked from highest selling to lowest selling.

What file should I use? I've been able to report all parts sold to a customer by date using the INVOICE file name. This shows me all parts sold to the customer sorted by invoice date. However I can't seem to consolidate and list per part number.

Any ideas?



  • Hi Jim, try PROD.HIST. That's the file that contains the data you see in 2102 T for Transactions. There is one record for each purchase, adjustment or sale of each individual part. This will allow you to sort by part number, as opposed to the INVOICE file where each invoice record contains a list of all parts on that invoice so you can't split them up to sort them properly.

    Select the transaction type of SLS to ignore the purchases and adjustments, prompt for the customer number, and sort by part number. You won't be able to sort by the most sold part or part they spent the most on in report writer, but at least you will have the totals for each part number. If you download to Excel, you can then manipulate the order to put the most sold part at the top.
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