New Car accessory codes

Does anyone have any issues with dealer accessory codes loaded by ERA, specifically Toyota, we have issues where the codes that are loaded, some towbars do or dont have wiring, some trays do or dont need headboads and the description they do give you are short and are often not very helpful. does anyone create their own codes? every file i load have thousands of codes and i can only think it could be a long process to create our own codes and it would a very onerous process.


  • We don't have Toyota but rely on the Data Services uploads for Holden, Mitsubishi & Chrysler. We have the same issue with the length of the descriptions on trays in Mitsubishi, so for trays only what we have done is added the ERAnet accessory codes to the Mitsubishi accessory spreadsheet with the full length descriptions on it, so they know which one to pick.
  • Sorry to hijack the thread. Can somebody give me a run down on how/what dealer accessory codes are and how they work?
    I want to try and identify if this is a feature our dealership is using (if at all) and the benefits of the system.
  • We don't have the codes for our franchises, but when I did I usually found providing feedback to Pentana on the codes resulted in improvements.


    Jabraham, they are codes for genuine Dealer Accessories that include a corresponding operation code with labour times, parts, etc. You can then use the to add accessories to the deal in the worksheet in VA. Massive amount of work if you tried to set them up yourself and maintain them. 

    Have a look in 6801 and see if they are turned on. They are usually called Dealer Accessory Code - <franchise>.

  • Jabraham, go to 6801, H for search, and type in ACCY - that should take you to the start of the Dealer Accessory Codes subscription list

    Tony, what do you guys do instead of using the feeds?

  • thanks for the info. one more question: does this mean the salesperson could input an accessory code into a deal and that would end up automatically applied to the get ready RO ? Therefore when the RO is raised the part would be on the RO as an automated order release?
  • Jabraham, in a nutshell yes, the accessory codes are mapped to the vehicle model, so the sales guys can only select an accessory that it actually for that particular model. If you use the PD module, the system can auto generate an appointment or RO from the deal, it will pull the correct op codes, parts, labour required for each genuine accessory. If you wanted you can turn on parts auto allocation and it will charge the part to the ro and print a picking slip, if your really game you can have it automatically place a linked order to the parts department, so if you dont have it in stock it will order it for you on your parts dept next order. We havent got this last step turned on at PD as its too often sales select the wrong tray or bullbar and we cant afford to let the system order this stuff by itself. But having it create the RO with the right codes save a huge amount of time.

  • excellent. So it is worth me(parts dept) pushing it on to them (sales dept). 

  • Yes I would say so. For makes we can't get accessory codes for, predelivery have to go hunting to work out what part is needed and how long to allow to fit it. That means getting someone in parts to search catalogues every time
  • Michael, we don't do anything great at the moment.

    I am currently pushing the business to build their own using templates I will build for them. Fortunately our franchise doesn't have that many accessories, most stuff comes standard or factory fit.

  • At the moment our back counter staff have to manually key in each pre-delivery order for parts. I can see a major efficiency gain if that staff member only needs to check that the parts automatically issued are correct.
  • Hello all,
    Just a plug for myself, but...updating accessory codes especially where Pentana dont provide them is something I do. So if you need work done but dont have the time, or expertise please let me know. 0467567001 Ross Semple
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