Moving cars between sites with PD Module

Hi All,

Can anyone help me with this,

We have gone live onto ERAnet one month ago, so we're still finding all sorts of good/bad and indifferent things about era. One that is really bothering our PD centre is moving cars between sites.

We have a Holding Yard that contains all our "unsold" stock cars. Cars get delivered here by the manufacuters, we PDI and fit air (toyota's) and park them in storage until they get sold.

Once a car is sold we then move it to our PD centre (5km's) from the holding yard for fitment of accessories, tinting (inhouse) detailing etc, once that it done we then need to move the car to the dealership (4km's) from the PD centre for delivery to the customer. During the process of fitting accessors we quite regulary send cars out to sublet for fitment of other items (we are highly weighted to mine sites so radio, rops, spec build trays is common practice for us.)

Has anyone worked out a way in ERA to acuratley manage the movement of cars between sites, its seems most people use paper based books or spreadsheets. to know which cars have to go to what sublets etc.



  • Hi Robbie, we have a whiteboard on the door of the PD office where we right the stock number and sublet provider for every vehicle that goes out, and rub them off when they come back. We also update a spreadsheet that we use to show the delivery status of each vehicle.

    There is a PD module in ERAnet that you can use to control the flow of the vehicle, but that's only from receipt of the vehicle at the dealership to being ready for delivery, having the delivery scheduled then completed, and not to track which of your locations or sublet providers it is with.

    You could use location codes in ERA, enable location control in 4168 question 35 then setup the locations in 0553, and you will be able to change the location of the vehicle in 4006/4008. I've never seen that done with sublet providers but certainly between branches.

  • Thanks Michael,

    We have location codes turned on but its used for our vehicle 'selling' yard location. we are operating the PD module and it seems faily good. you can use a UDF  "PD location" field that is also in 4006/4008 that links to the pd module. i'm thinking i might need some form of custom report that looks at the sublet in and out date in the pd module.

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