Combined Ordered Parts Report

Is there a way to run A report that can Combine 2 or more orders in numerical order. We have to make 2 separate orders to the manufacturer nightly and they both come in at the same time but due to being to separate orders we have to print two parts ordered report to check them off, Is there a way to combine these two orders onto 1 order list so it is much easier to check them off when they arrive. We must make the 2 orders as there is no way around that i believe.. Maybe something in 6913 ? Both orders are Stock Orders from the same manufacturer


  • Create a report in 6913 with the required parameters using file name: PO.LINES , report type: SORT & transfer it to excel.

  • Cheers Troy ill give it a shot. what is the command for the excel transfer it has been something i have been searching for  :)>- 
  • Save the report in 6913 & go into specs & ensure number 14 is set as yes.
    "14. Allow download to PC or UNIX : Yes"
    Then hit "O" for output & select "Transfer report to PC"
    And use Microsoft Excel v5.0 for the PC destination format.
    Then save the file to your desktop.
  • Thanks mate ill see what i can do. specs says yes to allow but the option is still not coming up. Do you know if there is a way to send it via file to email for excel instead of selecting the printer name or emailh emailds etc ?
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    I use excel just to make any other sort options & it prints better.
    You can just print it normally or "emaill" it to HTML.

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    Email will only do HTML or PDF, the Excel download option "Transfer report to PC" only appears if you are logging in on a wIntegrate terminal - in 6210 line 4 check your workstation ID, then in 6110 option 1 under that workstation ensure WINTEG is added to field 3, and if there are multiple options in field 3 that WINTEG is the one selected when logging in. If this makes your display look weird, go to Setup > Terminal > Emulation > Default in the ERALink menus
  • This is working a dream now as i was unaware you could combine numbers in 6913 i.e bn6913" "sy2564 e.t. :) 
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