Privacy Codes

Has anyone heard if there are going to be an expansion on the way ERA handles Privacy?

The ever tightening legislation is making it harder and harder to safely market to your database. I can think of a number of ways ERA could be enhanced to support this. It would be nice to know if there is anything on the drawing board.


  • I have seen a email from Pentana saying they will be making changes for the new Privacy legislation, but no detail of what the changes will be.


    Anyone know what the changes are?

  • Hi Tony, I came across the link below which is probably what you're referring to, but haven't seen an email or heard anything about changes being made or required. I have put some feelers out, I will let you know if I hear anything back
  • Response from Jason Collins, DealerSocket Product Manager

    "Yes, we’re aware and are in the process of preparing a formal response which will be publicised in the near future, sorry but I don’t have a lot more information apart from that but it’s definitely on the radar."
  • That is fine, but the law takes effect next month and we are putting strategies in place to be compliant. At the moment ERA is the only system left to be changed.

    If I can't advise what action we are taking it is likely I will be forced to implement difficult workarounds.

    The simple solution from our perspective is to just change the privacy code field to allow the multi-selection of privacy codes.

  • What we do here is have privacy codes for "no email or fax", "no email or service reminders" etc. Though ERA privacy codes don't get much use here now as we have DealerSocket which has a whole table for unsubscribing by contact type (marketing, service reminders etc.) and contact method (print, email etc.)

    I'm not sure what Pentana have planned but they may point you in the same direction as creating privacy codes that represent exclusion from multiple media or contact types is already possible without any changes being required
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