ERA printer setup or DocuSmart to preset number of copies

Is there a facility in ERA printer setup or  DocuSmart to preset number of copies?


I have a printer name in docusmart that prints out quotes,invoices and picking slips. varying number of copies is required for each form types.

 Thus, I can not set a fix number of copies for the each document types.Is there a setup done  to preset  the number of copies when it prints for each document type.


Any help on this will be greatly  appreciated,



  • Hi nategee, have a look in ERAnet > Utilities > Printer Menu > Print Template Maintenance. Most forms are in there. There are others in ERA 6928, and in ERAnet Admin (right-click on the logo in the top left corner of the ERAnet screen and select ERAnet Admin) > Showroom Setup > Statutory Forms Setup
  • hi and thanks michaeld for the tips. I noticed that in 6928 I can only set or preset default number of copies. For example when an end user go into 2525 to print a quote, invoice etc, the default will be shown as the  preset number I set in 6928.But still can go ahead and make changes to the number of copies they want. Is there a facility or setup in ERA where it can bar or block out end user from changing from default number of copies being set up in 6928? Like puting a password protect on changing the number of copies to be printed in ERA.


  • Additional to that, I am a bit new to how docusmart works and interacts with ERA on printing ERA form types.Appreciate if an ERA expert on docusmart out there kindly assist in providing some basic understanding of of how it works by simple examples or flow charting.Thanks again and would really appreciate any feed backs on clear explaination.

    docusmart newbie..

  • I don't think you can prevent users from changing the default number of copies. DocuSmart works by forwarding the print job to the DocuSmart Windows server, which has all your printers setup on it in the normal Windows printer area. It uses Adobe Output Designer form templates to add your logos and things. I highly recommend their DocuSmart form designer training, it has saved me many thousands of dollars being able to make changes myself, particularly for new franchises
  • Hi to all,

    There is a setting in 0556/2120 "Parts Details" item 10 - "num of Inv copies" that will help for Parts invoices. To prevent users from being able to change the number of copies in 6170, enter the printer name (a docusmart printer name). Item 9 "Printer mode" will be an "L" for line printer. IF you change it to "F" form printer they will not get the printer bar displayed at all - so cannot change the number of copies. This may cause problems then if they want to change the printer name on occassion. To manage this use 6150 and in item "3 Invoice Printer name"

    I dont think this will answer all your issues, but it may help



  • I am pretty sure you could set-up the form in DocuSmart to force it to print multiple copies regardless of what the user did in ERA.

    It is worth remember though, that if you do this and they select 2 copies in ERA, they will likely get 4 copies print.

  • m Ross many thanks for pointing out the setups via 0556/2120 -EM for number of invoice copies. I guess it will only work for that particular entity in the Entity Master. 
  • Hi Nategee, that is correct, if you wanted to set the same thing for all customers you could use RROS to populate the number of copies into attribute 50 of the CUSTOMER file and attribute 217 of the ENTITY.DETAIL file. If that all sounds like goobledy-gook then helpdesk would be able to do this for you
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